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Our wall stickers are a popular and low budget way to cheer up your home with nature. On small places and corners in your house you can add these wall stickers so there will be no boring nook in your home anymore. It will surprise your visitors and take it from us: you’ll have so much fun deciding where to place them! Below we’ve answered all your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

So how well do they stick?

It seems that everyone wants to know how well they stick. We can assure you that they stick well! We’ve designed them to stay put for a long time. They should not come off quickly and therefore be durable. But to make sure they stay put you have to keep a few things in mind: 

The ideal surface is smooth, dry, clean, has no holes or grainy structure that can come off and no greasy or dusty top layer. So clean and dry it well. Make sure that there’s no air underneath them. Use a cloth around a ruler or a so called squeegee to systemetically rub the sticker on the surface. 

To make them stick for a long time keep on pressing them the first few hours, especially around the edges. The edges are not white so it doesn’t matter what colour the wall is. 

Do they stick on window panes?

Yes very well, as it’s very smooth. But they’re intended as wall stickers so only printed on one side. The stickers don’t have white edges so look good on all surfaces.

Can you remove and replace them?

So they stick very well. This could mean that the wall sticker sticks to wallpaper and paint and won’t let go. Or at least, it will take the top layer of the surface with it. This won’t happen with solid undergrounds of good quality ormaterial. There really is no way of saying for sure what the quality is of your wall. It’s a matter of testing. We’ve heard of many customers who have removed them and even placed them on a different spot. So that is possible, but again, it’s impossible for us to say in advance. 

Can you use them outside?

I know of customers who use them on garbage containers and windows outside. But I can’t guarantee that the stickers won’t fade over time. UV light is so strong, it bleaches out every colour. So in the long run you will enjoy the decals longer indoors. But you can use them outside as long as they have aflat smooth surface. Outside it is more damp, more moist that can fill in tiny cracks between the underground and the sticker, so it will lose strength or sticking power. So in short; yes you can under certain circumstances but it lasts longer indoors. 

Can they stick on plaster?

Yes they can, but it depends on the type of plaster. It’s a rigid type of vinyl that doesn’t stretch of course so big differences in height really are a bad idea. They need a good contact surface to stick to. And holes around the edges let in dust and perhaps moist so then the sticker will come off sooner. In our own homes we do have some stickers pasted to plaster, so with very subtle differences in grain or texture it is possible. 

If you have more questions, contact us on info@lovemyrte.com

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