Natural Delight – Recipe! The Tipsy Tit cocktail

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It happened one day. I invented this amazing recipe that will provide you with vitamins and alcohol. Read about it here!  Download it and print it, and go to the park with a full thermos of Tipsy Tit.    *What is Natural Delight? Natural Delight is a series of pages that sprung from an idea [...]

Natural Delight – The Long-tailed Titmouse

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It's time for a new Natural Delight. It was time to look at the cute Long-tailed titmouse and to focus on getting that bird bath in your garden.  If you don't already have one; get one. It's so much fun to look at the bathing birdies. If you have one; maintain a good fill-r-up score.  [...]

Natural Delight – The Barn Swallow – Colouring page

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I have already seen a couple of barn swallows flying over the fields just outside the city. They must be the first ones this year. Soon there will be loads and their lovely summer sound will make summer evenings even better.  To celebrate their return I have made a colouring page.  Right-click on the image [...]

Cats and nature

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A delicate subject I talk about it every year; my love-hate relationship with cats. They are such funny fuzzy animals. At friends' houses I always quietly pray that they pick me to sit on my lap to cuddle. But this is a painful topic that we have to tackle. You critisize people's pets [...]

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