Designing the Jewellery line

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I have always been mad about charms. Actually, any miniature thing, really. So I thought; wouldn’t it be lovely to have a necklace with a 3D bird? Not a flat representation of the illustration but an interpretation of the illustration in miniature is what we were looking for. We found a company where a craftsman [...]

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The truth behind pinnend butterfly art

By | 2017-04-22T14:26:13+00:00 February 4th, 2017|Blog|

Something's on my mind. A while back I talked about it and my solution to it. I didn't quite know if there was something wrong with the butterflies that are used in domes and frames that you see everywhere. It didn't feel good and a Dutch TV show now figured out it isn't good. The [...]

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De winterkoning en de huismus bij Koffietijd!

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  Didn't they look great, our pillows in the hands of Loretta and Pernille! All the winners have received their pillows now. Read more about it here.  Or look at the video below. On 2.57 you can watch Loretta's enthousiasm about our birds! Credits for the video: RTLXL.nl

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Being honest about our products – part 4

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I want to be honest about our products and my choices in developing them. Other brands don't seem to care, but I think it's important. With every decision in my company, if it comes to separating plastic waste, to the negotiation of where a product is produced, which raw materials we use or how we can [...]

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Dinner party name card

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I always think it's a lovely little extra; entering a room with a beautifully set table with your name by the place setting. If you're inviting people over it makes them feel welcome. Someone thought of them! Table seating, although a little official, can be quite handy if you are entertaining a bunch of people [...]

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