Porcelain ring dish

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You can use our porcelain plates as lovely wall plates, but that's not all. Have you ever thought of using our porcelain plates for your jewelry? For our jewelry we already have a beautiful jewellery organiser. See image below. But our porcelain plates are also a beautiful alternative. We [...]

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DIY: Origami Cranes

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Are you obsessed with birds like we are? In the Netherlands you can spot different types of birds. You can even find them in your backyard! Myrte has always admired the cranes. The end result: the dancing cranes can be found on prints and on decorative cushions. They deserve their spot in our [...]

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December 2017 desktop wallpaper

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A new month, a new start. The last month of 2017 has arrived! December is for most the cosiest and busiest month of the year, because Christmas is almost coming. We want to start the month good by giving a way something. So we have made a December calender for you , with the [...]

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Designing the Jewellery line

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I have always been mad about charms. Actually, any miniature thing, really. So I thought; wouldn’t it be lovely to have a necklace with a 3D bird? Not a flat representation of the illustration but an interpretation of the illustration in miniature is what we were looking for. We found a company where a craftsman [...]

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The truth behind pinnend butterfly art

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Something's on my mind. A while back I talked about it and my solution to it. I didn't quite know if there was something wrong with the butterflies that are used in domes and frames that you see everywhere. It didn't feel good and a Dutch TV show now figured out it isn't good. The [...]

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