At MYRTE’s headquarters, we have a closet full of wallpaper leftovers from our wallpaper collection. Unfortunately most of them are samples, small wallpaper samples that  you can not decorate a full room with. But it’s a waste to leave our beautiful wallpaper there. That’s why we have found creative ways to reuse our wallpaper.

Curious about what you can do with wallpaper leftovers? Keep reading!


Decorate the sides of your drawers with wallpaper.

The sides of our drawers make you happy now!


Recycle glass jars and decorate it with wallpaper.

A cute way to organize your pens and pencils.

Phone Case

Pimp your transparent phone case with wallpaper.

Our wallpaper designs look beautiful on a phone case.


Decorate the inside of your tray with wallpaper. A beautiful decoration for in the room.

Picture Frame

Decorate your picture frames with wallpaper. A fun way to spice up your room.

Wrapping paper

Use wallpaper as wrapping paper. A great way to recycle your wallpaper residue.

This makes it useful to have wallpaper leftovers from our wallpaper collection.

The results are beautiful.

Be creative and make something beautiful!

Hopefully you got more inspiration for your wallpaper leftovers.

Until next time!