Designing new products is the best part of my job(the word job is a little strange to me, as most of the time I don’t know what it is I am doing) But a long time ago when I was doing what I do, I thought it would be amazing to see my illustrations on wall plates. I love wall plates. And that’s when the trip to the jungle began. In search of a way to make what I had in mind. Using what you can find isn’t inspiring. I want to think of something first, and then find a way to make it. This isn’t the road with the least set backs so it turned out. Colour was the most important aspect.

I talked with several different experts. And then you notice that it is a lot harder than you think. It isn’t as simple as slapping a paintbrush across a plate and it has a lovely hue. Some couldn’t help because they only wanted to make what they alwasy made,, some I never heard back from ( as I said it was a long time ago) to some I was too small. Then I met some passionate ceramists that helped me and taught me a lot about the possibilities. Then I encountered a problem. The plans I had made were getting a bit too big. So back to the basis, I want porcelain. I want colour. How are we going to do that?

I could achieve it by painting circles with watercolour that could be the base of a new illustration. I pasted my birds on there.

And those images are transferred to crisp white porcelain. I found the right supplier for the prints and I was almost there! In the process I always think my ideas are great, but I decided to ask a special club of people (read: my newsletter subscribers) how they felt about the idea. Testing the waters is not a silly thought. I always say I do whatever I please, but customer feedback is worth gold!

Then I had to create the plates. Taking some ceramics classes to cover the basics was a wise idea. How do you transfer a picture on porcelain? It is a delicate and relaxing thing to do. I found that I love it. All illustrations are applied to each plate by hand and then left to dry. Then they’re fired on 800 degrees celsius until the image gets fired into the glaze. It takes 3 days for the kiln to heat up and cool down again so you can handle the plates. The colourful happiness greets you when you open the kiln. What a nice surprise!

bordjes oven

Now they’re up in the webshop. They’ll be available in 3 different sizes for starters and many different images. Availability will vary because I make them in limited edition. If you have special requests, let me know. The great thing for me is that I can create a whole dinnerset for you if you like. Initially they are deisigned to hang on a wall. But the quality and durability is so good that they’ll last in the dishwasher. Using the plates will be no problem. They stood 800 degrees!

bordjes op tafel MYRTE_

I am so happy with the result!


logo aardewerk