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Designing the Jewellery line

I have always been mad about charms. Actually, any miniature thing, really. So I thought; wouldn’t it be lovely to have a necklace with a 3D bird? Not a flat representation of the illustration but an interpretation of the illustration in miniature is what we were looking for. We found a company where a craftsman hand carved the design for us, which was then made into a mold. In the process of turning something flat into something 3D is challenging. You need to think about how the enamel behaves. When working with enamel you are limited to only a small amount of detail. Over here we like detail! So we had to chose what was essential. What detailing expressed the feathers the best, and which colours did we have to use.

There were other choices to be made too, such as material. We chose rhodium plating because it stays on much longer than silver. Rhodium is actually much more noble, meaning there will be no black stains from this material. And the jewelry will look good longer than silver, which is lovely too! The logo tag is made from an eco conscious material, so where possible you can be sure we picked the best material.

We also think practicality is important so we decided on an adjustable chain. The length of the necklace is adjustable from 40-44cm with the extension chain. This will ensure that the length is always perfect, with everyone that wears the necklace.

We chose the Kingfisher and the Great tit because who doesn’t love them?  In the process of sampling we came upon the plated version of the great tit without the enamel and we thought the idea of  a neutral bird, instead of the colour is lovely too.

We make the necklaces in our atelier. It is a labour of love and we quite enjoy it! After these first 3 charms there will be more. Many many more! We can’t wait to see the blackbird, the robin in flight or a branch with the 4 little long-tailed titmouse to be honest. But first things first. Let’s take a look at the 3 designs that made the first collection.

The Great tit

We can’t call the great tit a quitter! This clever and cheeky little thing rules the world. Even bigger birds don’t scare her. She’ll lay low for a while to return to the place where she’d been chased away. In the world of the great tit a lot is changing. She adapts and thinks of even smarter ways to be able to survive and raise her children.The great tit can teach you to adjust to circumstances, be flexible and keep your eyes on the prize.

The Great tit is available in enamel

And the Great tit is also available in a plated version.

The Kingfisher

Happy and pleased with a full belly this little King Fisher sits on a branch overlooking the water. Occasionally he takes a dive in the fresh sparkly water for a bite. I think he just had lunch, because he seems to enjoy a moment of peace. He’s listening to the water and makes sure no one will take his perfect spot.


The necklaces are packed in tissuepapier. With your order you receive a pretty branded giftbox and a tiny folder with the story of the bird, the brand and care instructions. I sometimes noticed that with jewelry you buy even in high end department stores, you don’t get a gift box. Even if it’s a gift for yourself it would be nice to at least get the precious thing in a box so you know it will stay safe until you are home. Plus, don’t you love this box? It’s definately a keepsake along with the necklace. Another thing I think is important; if you have already have a good place where you keep jewelry, this box is perfectly recyclable. No plastic, sir!
We advise to keep the jewellery in the gift box so they are protected from other objects. As with all jewellery, we advise that before excersizing, showering or washing the jewellery is taken off because acids, chemicals, chlorines, mineral baths, soaps and salts can taint the plating and the enamel.


As you would expect lovely jewellery should be presented in a lovely way. So we made this gorgeous walnut jewellery organiser. Whether you have an amazing collection you’d like to display. Or if you want to collect all MYRTE charms and let the birds sit in a tree, this is an eyecatcher on your dressing table!

The display is made of 3mm walnut finished board. Each is laser cut and features organic shapes that present the jewellery in an original, nature themed way. We found someone in our home town to execute our design in this lovely material. We like to keep ik close to home when we can.

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