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Drawing the squirrels

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I can´t resist standing still to try to focus on what they´re doing or running after them with my camera when they make a run for it. They´re clever, beautiful, often very bold and cheeky, but most of all: very cute! For the new season I have drawn the Red Squirrel I met in the park in my home town, the Black Squirrel I met in a park in Victoria Canada and the Chipmunk was laughing at me when my fear of heights got the better of me on a 500 meter peak.
This season porcelain plates, fine art prints and wallpaper (see below) will be added to the collection with these new illustrations. Here are their stories.

Red Squirrel

red squirrel print_
If I go running I sometimes see her. She holds  on to a tree upside down, with her tail in the air, looking at me. I stop and she skilfully turns to the other side of the tree, out of my view. I follow her around the tree. When I try to outsmart her by changing the direction, she decides she’s not up for games. I’m disappointed as I watch her go.  She elegantly waves her tail at me in her dramatic exit.


Black Squirrel

zwarte eekhoorn printfoto

This is truly an urban squirrel, but  it is hard to tell. He has s uch beautifully shiny and soft  fur. I saw him in Victoria, Canada. He and his mates came to check on me and were begging for food about half a meter from me. Manners he had none. Or maybe I  just misunderstood and he just came to introduce  himself and his friends. Perhaps he just wanted to have a nice little chat. It is a fact Canadians are known for their friendliness.



chipmunk print_

They’re laughing at me I am sure of it. As I am holding on to a tree, they  jump from left to right, from tree to tree on the top of the Stawamus Chief, a mountain  in Canada. I can’t make it to the top, because I just became aware of the depths below me. We’re so high and it’s getting harder to climb up. They can keep their summit. This is of course a ridiculous thought for them. They’re bouncing around without a care in the world, enjoying their domain. It must be nice and quiet up there. None of those scaredy-cats at the top.

Here’s a clip of how I draw the Chipmunk:

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