Find your presents here! We’re helping out a little by giving you some inspiration for your bird or nature enthusiast friend, mom, dad, wife, husband, son or daughter. With every budget you can find something that’s designed with love for nature. MYRTE designs products for people who love nature and want to be surrounded by colourful nature inspired items.

For last minute shoppers or if you have no clue...

Printable gift certificate of €15,- sent by e-mail instantly.

Printable gift certificate of €25,- sent by e-mail instantly.

Printable gift certificate of €40,- sent by e-mail instantly.

Printable gift certificate of €50,- sent by e-mail instantly.

Ideas by budget

Our wall stickers start at €9,50, and cost €13,95 max…

There are 10 designs with birds, animals,  insects and flowers.

Or help the hedgehog with a gateway into the yard. 

With €12,-you can buy a set of 2 mugs. 

Or buy art and go for an A5 sized print at €12,95.

Greeting cards are a perfect small gift. Starting at €2,50.

Or support nature and buy a limited edition card set. 

Or these tea towels that will bring spring in your kitchen!

A bag is only €10,- 

…and a few notebooks are over €15,- but all are under €20,- !

Or pick any art print on A4 at €19,95

A set of 3 mugs are €18,- 

3 of the same or 3 different designs: pick just what you like!

Charm earrings of the Great tit or pick another design

Or a charm necklace of €25,-/28,- depending on length

5 mugs are only €30,- and your can mix & match.

A set of 2 A5 art prints are €25,90.

All our tiles are €26,95 so make your pick!

We have many different designs. 

2 sheets of wall stickers are €27,90

Our handmade plates start at €26,95 for a 15cm plate…

…and we have many designs that we make just for you

Three A5 prints that create a lovely collection at €38,85

Just under €40 you can buy a cushion cover

Our aprons are €35,-

The middle size of our porcelain plates is 19cm and €31,95

A poster sized illustration is €49.95. Pick any drawing

At 25cm this is the largest of our plates and is €41,95

One A3 print is €23,95 so for €47,90 you have 2 

at €58,90 you buy a set of two plates; of 15 and 19cm

Or at €53,90 you buy a set of 2 tiles. 

A set of 3 A4 prints are €59,85

Two 15cm plates are €53,90

Every season a set of 3 tiles is on sale at €69,-

For €68,90 you get a 25cm and 15cm plate

At €80,85 you can pick 3 of your favourite tiles

Or at €85,85 you have 2x15cm and 1x 19cm 

Admitted it’s €0.85 over €100, but a set of 25,19 and 15cm is still lovely!

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