Welcome to my website! First of all let me tell you that you can switch languages on the top of the page. So if you’re Dutch, and you see this in English, then your browser is probably set to English. Just switch on the top of the page if you want. 

I am Myrte de Zeeuw and I draw nature for everyone who loves it just as much. Look around on the page and in the categories. And if you have a question do let me know! 

Here you can see me with some of our wall stickers. Click here to see them all. 

Here you can see how I drew the Robin. Do you want to see more items with the Robin? Click here

I love our wall stickers. It’s the easiest way to get nature indoors. Click here to see them all. 

We have a broad collection of handmade tiles. Click here to see them all. 

We make a lot of items ourselves or with local artisans. See how we make our tiles here

We hope your favourite bird is there already. If not, let us now! 

We have a lovely collection of mugs that ensure happy mornings. View them all here

You see most of my drawings in our Art Print section. You can order 4 sizes and I sign them for you. 

Do you want to know how I work? Click here to see my method and click here to see my company history

Want to see more?

We have a SALE section that you might also like.

And all new items can be found here.

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