We are not talking about making pets out of your backyard blackbirds!

Well he is toothless! And also black and cute and the closest thing to a wild creature. So why not connect with a blackbird?

I personally LOVE blackbirds. Their modest appearance that is actually quite striking.

In my previous home I had a pair in my backyard. I worked from home so I had lunch by the window overlooking the small city garden.

One steady visitor was the blackbird. He was bald and in spring he found a mate because blackbird ladies judge men by their song, not their appearance. The rest of his feathers were fine & healthy and he just lead a normal life I suppose, like any man.

I always took very good care of them. Prepped food and water and chased away any unnatural threats. 

He took care of his lady and of his babies. I helped him by chasing cats away and we bonded. I fed them raisins and grains.

The next summer one of his daughters or perhaps his wife came and was already used to me a little bit. I noticed that she knew when I was leaving,

she knew that I wouldn’t hurt her and she followed me through the garden waiting for my raisins. I even picked up one of her babies

to put her in a safe place because it wondered off on the other side of the hedge were the cats were.

And then one day, she just walked in the door. Honestly! I have pictures to prove it.  

She just walked in and sat under the livingroom table as I was watching TV.

I didn’t move and she just sat there.

It turned out I made this blackbird like me so much, that she just felt comfortable with me.

If you want to I can teach you how to do this! It takes some patience and you also shouldn’t overdo it, as they are still free birds that should stay free.

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