It's spring!

And here we’ve listed some nice products that make you feel like 

The hedgehogs are awake!

And they love some food! The Hedgehog foundation in the Netherlands advises to feed the hedgehogs with cat food that contains the highest amount of meat. Do not feed  them mealworms, peanuts or milk! That’s not good for them. 

Our feeding dish is perfect for it. You can also fill it with fresh water. That’s also very important for the hedgehogs The hedgehogs will find your garden and keep it snail-free! 

We also have a hanging dish for water for the birds! 


Wild flower wall stickers

Now you see again how beautiful nature is, don’t you want it in the house too?

With our wall stickers with wild flowers, you bring spring and summer into your home and it will not leave after September!

Lovely spring tiles

We’ve made some new spring tiles and had some that we’ve had before return to the shop. 



Here are some more Spring items:

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    3 Season’s Tiles – Spring

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