There we go! The moment has arrived that I can present the collection (and offer you some discount). A lot of things have happened in the last 3 years. I went from doing courses in inspiring workshops to meeting producers at trade fairs. And from designing collections to consulting legal aid for the aforementioned producers did not fulfill their contracts. It was not funny at the time, but it did not spoil the fun and the drive of creating this collection! I’ll do it myself then. Well…I do need your help a bit.

What do I need?
Firstly, a supplier who makes beautiful quality products, not far from home. And I found one! Then we need two other things: money and quite a lot of people who would like to buy it, because good factories only produce larger quantities. There’s no such thing as free money, so we fix it ourselves with crowdfunding. I hope that is where you enter the stage. I will collect orders within a period of time, and then have the factory make what’s ordered. So you pick anything you like, pay in advance, and then everything is made for you. Of course I order a bit more, because I want these items to be in the standard collection. You get nice mugs and plates and I can expand a bit.

What’s in the collectionI love all my little birds and animals, and I know for you it’s very personal too. So I picked 13 illustrations that you can choose from. I also want to be able to really set the table with something, so mugs and plates. Everything for a nice cup of tea with friends or an lovely dinner, or just your lunch. This you can find in our collection:

  • Teapot Blackbird. Later in the process there will be another illustration on a teapot. If you have a preference, do let me know. I can see if that is possible in the first edition.
  • Sugarbowl Crested Titmouse
  • Milk jug Long-tailed Titmouse
  • 300ml Mugs with bird (10 designs)
  • 450ml Mugs /Soup bowls with animals (3 designs with a surprise inside the mug too!)
  • Plates with all the illustrations in dessert- (18cm), breakfast- (22cm), of dinner size (27mm)

The image of the plates is placed on a special spot. This is done with all gorgeous sandwiches, pretty pies and haute cuisine in mind. It makes it so lovely to stack the plates. If you have a dessert plate that you place on a dinnerplate, you get this lovely play of images (see the top image of this e-mail)

Of course the images connect the whole collection, but a splash of watercolour does so too. You can even see it on the inside of the mug. And with the XL mugs there’s a little surprise on the inside: The fox has a fox trail, the squirrel has hazelnuts and the mouse has a tiny little mouse hidden on the inside.

It would be amazing if you could join. Important to know then is: 

  • If I have too few orders of one image, I might skip it. I will inform you of this of course.
  • The delivery date is set somewhere around September. But I am not sure if we can make it. It depends on orders, but also on factors that I don’t have any influence on as a small company. I will keep you informed.
  • If I can’t supply at all you get your money back of course!
  • If the shipping is too much for your country I will inform you too. Sometimes it is more than the value of the items, so then I will have to cancel the order or up the shipping amount. But we’ll discuss this naturally.
  • The colours might look a bit different because the kilns of the company that helped me develop the sample collection might be different than the one of the factory. And the printer of the decals is also different. I always check at the different factories, but it can happen that a background is a little greener than expected. But the feeling of the whole collection will still stay the same.

Then now’s the time to invite you to have a look at the collection. If you pick 5 of the same items, you get one for free. So that’s 20% off with 5 or more bird-mugs, animal-mugs, dessert plates, breakfast plates or dinner plates. Shopshopshop!

On April 30rd I hope to have enough orders to make the factory happy!