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Lilac is on its way to you!

I remember in the eighties that I wanted my balloon skirt to be lilac. And in the nineties when I had dyed my hair red I needed a lilac cardigan to make that gorgeous combo. And now lilac is back. Mostly in fashion but from there it trickles through to your home. So be prepared to be seeing a lot moreĀ of these shades such as heart wood, ultra violet, heather, misty purple, lilac etc!

From our colourful collection it isn’t hard to pick a few items with this hue. So here’s our selection to be timeless and still up to date.

The Blue titmouse is called pimpelmees in the Netherlands, which has a reference to a type of purple. He is right where he should be on a lilac background. The yellow of the Yellow wagtail pops with its lilac background. And the sparrow has been a little quiet lately. He’ll be happy to know that purple is back!

If you’re into florals and love the new trend go for the Cornflowers. And if you’re just not ready for lilac pick the Artichoke!

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