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You and I are going to make some art! I’ve already sketched the bird, and now you can colour in the print in your own style. 

Imagine you’re an ornithologist who revives the birds in a unique work of art. Use pencils, watercolour,  gouache, acrylics or anything you like. 

The hardest part of making a drawing is getting the ratios right of the subject you’re drawing. This way I have already done that and the paper is just waiting for you to make something beautiful. 

I have selected beautiful thick 350grams white paper to make your work look like  professional and a little vintage art. 


I have two versions: One A4 sized with different sketches, and one with the subject twice. You get them shipped in a glassine envelope which protects your art. 

Observe the birds in your garden to see how they look. Or google them and recreate their beauty. 

Don’t forget to sign your name.  Share your art with me on or on Facebook of Instagram @lovemyrte. 

I am so curious to see what wonderful art you and I can make! 

See what others did and find some inspiration below!

The original ornithologists

Did you know that this way of working is exactly how the great naturalists made their work? 

The drawing was made by naturalist after a field trip and then filled in by colorists. Perhaps you’ve heard of John James Audubon. The most beautiful book about birds probably ever created was made by him. 

It was around 1826 and called “Birds of America” Reproducing drawings for the book back then was much harder. In those days they printed each drawing with aquatint or lithography. Then the drawings were filled in by colorists (mainly women).

 In those days it was such a novelty that you could see the beauty of nature from across the world. Right now we look at these drawings as art and not just a reprint. 

In those days they shot the birds, stuffed them, and then started drawing. Thankfully we don’t do that. But you can relive the making of the plates. The plates were always numbered and the latin name for the bird was written on it too. 

Shop our collection of plates and make your own art. See the gallery below to see what others did with the plates


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Artist's Gallery

Here you see some work of others. Share your art with me on or on Facebook of Instagram @lovemyrte. 

Sell your work if you want!

You can sell the work created by you. Normally with my other art prints and my own final work, you care not allowed to resell it. You are also not allowed to edit it and then sell it. BUT with the colouring plates you are allowed to sell our combined work. You are free to rework, edit and adjust it and then find someone who loves it and sell it to them! 

You are not allowed to multiply or copy the sketch, and you can’t multiply or copy the final collaborative work. But this single collaborative work may be sold as unique art piece. If you want to make a second work with together with me, you can buy another colouring plate and work your magic again and sell this new work too. 

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