What a wonderful day!!

I am ready! Finally after 3 years of working on my ideas and trying to find the right manufacturer and unearthing the process I have managed to put together a sample collection that is ready to go in production. But I need your help with the final steps that I have to take. I need some security to launch this dream and you can help me by buying the items ahead of production. This is like crowdfunding, but you can actually choose what you want to buy, so no standard packages. I am happy with every mug you can buy from me. With those preorders I can fund the first run and ship them to you directly. I have launched my journal collection this way as well.

The collection is made with love like always, and I hope that you see that too. I want to share my products with people who love nature like I do. I love your stories about birds and animals and I hope you recognise that my work is an ode to nature.

Every day you can be surrounded by nature, indoors or outdoors. Share a cup of tea with friends with the Wren and Kingfisher and talk about that Robin and Blackbird that always visit your garden over dinner. I really look forward to those stories and connections!



Previously, on this soap opera…

It was a true day time drama for me. In 2015 I decided to go for it. I wanted to develop a whole line of tablewares with my work. I turned to factories, and developers to help me with my dream. But I soon found out that that is not how it works. And I am just a small company banging on doors that another type of people only knows how to open. Little ol’me, with my small company didn’t know where to start. I am really bad at selling my ideas when you talk to me. I don’t know where to start in telling people about the huge plans in my head. But I am good at making things. So that is what I set out to do. I was going to start with decorative plates. I loved them in a bunch on a wall and it just was an idea that I thought would be amazing so that is what I go for.

I met up with people who could help me with small runs. I always start small. I love that. So when the sale took off I was really happy. They got a lot of attention and magical things started to happen. I got an e-mail from a British porcelain manufacturer who said the whole company loved them and he was offering to produce them as a licensee. He was going to invest 60.000 pounds and we were going to develop a whole line of tableware like teapots, milk jugs, trays, coasters, candles etc etc. The contracts were soon exchanged. I went to a tradeshow in London where I met up with the owner John. A nice man who was about to become grandpa and we clicked well. This was going to happen. It wasn’t. After a year of drama with John’s company he just went silent and didn’t respond to my e-mails. I’d worked for a year on this project with nothing to show for. It’s a long story involving people with no sense of integrity that I won’t get into because I have to continue focus on positive things, like launching this collection myself!

So I kept on searching for the right people and the right quality and now I found it!

In the end I am still just a designer trying to put my work out there and I have realised that to do this you can’t wait for others. You have to do it yourself sometimes and until I meet my perfect licensee match, Imma doin’it myself!

So what now?

Now we’re going to present you with the collection and make something beautiful for you. Preorder anything you like and we’ll make sure everything is made for you. Like last time when I asked my customers to chip in to help me develop my journals, I do ask some patience of you. So now the sample collection is done, I will first reserve some time to collect enough orders to mee the minimums to have them produced.

  • I will set the final delivery date to somewhere in September because I think that is a date we’ll definitely make. We can always tell you they’ll be in sooner, but I hate disappointing people and having to say they’ll be in later than promised.
  • Like with the journals I promise that if I can’t supply then you’ll get your money back. If there will be a bump in the road I will let you know, and I will always treat you like I want to be treated when I am the customer. So don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions, I am available for you.
  • The colours might not be exactly as displayed here. That is mostly due to fine tuning between kilns and printers. If the colour of your favourite will change you will be informed.
  • We’ll start the pre-order process with 3 animal illustrations, and 9 bird illustrations. Depending on sales I may omit one or 2 images so please be aware of this. If I don’t sell enough of a certain image I may not develop that one. But I will inform you of this of course.

But first, aren’t they amazing? The collection comprises of mugs, saucers,  teapots, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, dinner plates, breakfast plates and a salad or dessert plate.

Go and pick your favourites! And please feel free to share. This woman needs all the help she can get!