I have already seen a couple of barn swallows flying over the fields just outside the city. They must be the first ones this year. Soon there will be loads and their lovely summer sound will make summer evenings even better. 

To celebrate their return I have made a colouring page. 

Right-click on the image and save it. Print it out on your printer and start colouring andrelaxing! For wet media use heavier paper. When you’re done, you can frame it, or just print it and do it all over again. It’s super relaxing.  Share your art with #naturaldelight! 



*What is Natural Delight?

Natural Delight is a series of pages that sprung from an idea for a book I’ve had for a while. And you and I can create it together. You love nature, I love nature. We all want to be connected to nature more, don’t we? So I am going to help you feel that connection more through my illustrations. The feeling you get from a fox of blackbird that you see close to you, from a walk in a forest, I call that Natuurgeluk, which translates in to happiness or delight. Natural Delight. This feeling we want more of!
If you follow me you’ll find book pages with a subject every month. Print the drawing at the top of this page for your own Natural Delight book! Other pages can be found on our blog.

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