It’s time for a new Natural Delight. It was time to look at the cute Long-tailed titmouse and to focus on getting that bird bath in your garden. 

If you don’t already have one; get one. It’s so much fun to look at the bathing birdies. If you have one; maintain a good fill-r-up score. 

This time I have also connected a discount to it. Right now you can get the 15cm plate of the Long-tailed titmouse at a discounted price. 

But first; right-click on the image and save it. Print it out on your printer or save it to your desktop wallpaper. 



*What is Natural Delight?

Natural Delight is a series of pages that sprung from an idea for a book I’ve had for a while. And you and I can create it together. You love nature, I love nature. We all want to be connected to nature more, don’t we? So I am going to help you feel that connection more through my illustrations. The feeling you get from a fox of blackbird that you see close to you, from a walk in a forest, I call that Natuurgeluk, which translates in to happiness or delight. Natural Delight. This feeling we want more of!
If you follow me you’ll find book pages with a subject every month. Print the drawing at the top of this page for your own Natural Delight book! Other pages can be found on our blog.

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