Introducing Natural Delight

I am going to share Natural Delight to you! It’s an idea for a book I’ve had for a while. And you and I can create it together.
You love nature, I love nature. We all want to be connected to nature more, don’t we? So I am going to help you feel that connection more
through my illustrations. The feeling you get from a fox of blackbird that you see close to you, from a walk in a forest, I call that Natuurgeluk,
which translates in to happiness or delight. Natural Delight. This feeling we want more of!

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Every 3-4 weeks I will publish a page that you can print out from my blog. Sometimes it’s information about nature, sometimes it’s a question for you to think about,
with tips on what to do, a colouring page, a recipe, whatever I felt like making for you. If you print out all pages through time you
will have a book and you’ll hopefully feel more connected to nature.

The pages are release in English and Dutch. Click on the flag at the top of this page to switch.

This is the second page is already here!! It’s about how the Dunnocks always make me feel spring is starting