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No more Duckfaces please


I’ve just turned down another girl because of her cover letter and resume. She didn’t apply to a top job high on the ladder at MYRTE. No it was just an intern position. And still I already have the feeling that she will not fit in here. And why? Because of a DUCK FACE photo on her resume.
I immediately added a line to our careers page: Appplications with a duckface photo will not be taken into consideration. It was the last straw. A person can only take so much pursed lips and tilted faces. And do not get me wrong, I love ducks!!
I’m an old fart in the form of an grown woman, I know. But I am not applying for a job. So let’s just say it how it is; the people currently deciding whether you will get the position or not are mostly born before the 90’s. People in positions like mine are often not Millennials. The term Millennials has become a bit of a dirty word. I don’t use it to indicate my fantastic young trainees. I use it only for the duck faces.
So for you, girls with duck faces, these words:
Dear applicant,
First of all, thank you for your application. We appreciate that you took the trouble. But in the future you will also have go through some trouble adding a decent photo.
What makes you think that there’s anyone on the planet who feels the duckface is a great look for a job application?

I will tell you what it looks like. Your friends think; in real life she doesn’t look like that and she tries too damn hard. Your boyfriend probably thinks; she looks so much lovelier in real life. The rest of the population is either on the she-sure-thinks-she’s-a-model-side or she-must-be-very-insecure-side.

You’re a grown woman! A duck face doesn’t ooze an independant woman who does whatever she feels like. It radiates that you’re everything but independent and you feel the need to cover that with another face. “I think my normal face not nice enough.” is what you say.

Girl, everyone hates their face from time to time. There are no Doutzens in the room here. Are you here to come across as sexy and underaged? Then forget what I said, but you’re in the wrong business. The person who processed your application probably said something else, but meant this.

Shake that duck face off your face and keep your head straight. Your face is so much better than that of a duck.

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