In my work as an independent illustrator and business owner I have received a lot of e-mails with questions about running a business. I love helping people and I’ve answered many e-mails. It makes me proud of my work. I have built a brand and a company without any loans or funds from external parties. I think a lot of things through and do what my intuition tells me and it seems to turn out right. This apparently makes people turn to me for advice. I’ve answered lovely e-mails in a lovely way and blunt e-mails in a blunt way. I do not share just anything with you people! I have helped companies figure out their strategies and I have shown people where to find what they are looking for. Because of this I have been a part of new passions turned into businesses and taking small brands to the next step. 
Mostly those people do not offer me anything in return except their eternal gratitude. Now that is worth a lot! But my information is too. So to make it worth everyone’s while I’ve decided to have Pick-my-brain-sessions available for people who are interested to find out some things about my business.
Finding stuff out costs time and money. I once had a discussion with a person via e-mail who bluntly asked me where I had my stuff made. Now if I would sell this business sensitive information, it would be worth 2 years of running a business, so 2 times a years’ salary. This is not what I am selling of course. But what I share will save you time of figuring stuff out on your own.

You can ask me anything concerning your goals, how to get further, how you can make a profitable product or how to tell the story of your brand. I can even have a look at your website to tell you how I feel about it, and what should be improved. I will do my very best with helping you by tapping into the experience I have built up running this business since I started drawing in 2008.

For businesses, up and running, or in the making, I ask 299,- euro per one hour session
Persons that are in search of inspiration  149,- euro per hour session
-There is a one hour minimum. I charge for the time I will spend on you and your needs. If our chat only takes 30 mins I will spend 30 minutes on your follow up questions by e-mail if you have any. If not, the time will not be redeemable at a later stage.
-If we use more time, a second invoice for this time will follow after.
-Prior to our meeting you e-mail me what your questions are so we won’t waste any time.
-I currently do not do these sessions by phone.

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Some businesses and people I have helped:

Tante Bella en Tante Jo: “Super dank voor je heldere advies. Fijn dat je er de tijd voor neemt.”

Antonia Verbrugge: “Thank you for taking the time to answer me, and for the wise words. I will try staying true to myself”

Bekers van Sophine:”Dank je voor de onderstaande duidelijke info en jouw ervaring omtrent een website/webshop!”

Eline van Meurs: “Bedankt voor je advies. Ik kon er knopen door doorhakken.”