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Oven mitt with Wren illustration


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Oven mitt with the illustration of the Winter Wren by Myrte.
This little ADHD birdie is such a cutie. He’s like a mouse with wings. He wanted insects but he found berries. Any blackbird would be more than pleased but he wanted INSECTS! But fret not, he’s ready to hop to the next branch. No one is quicker than he is. If you see him, he’s already gone. And you’ll think you just saw a mouse with wings. I would like to cuddle him, but I don’t think he will survive.

  • organic cotton
  • heat resistant polyester inner
  • durable quality
  • consciously produced in small quantities
  • Length: 26cm/ 10 inch approximately
  • With every towel comes a story about this particular bird.
  • Washable

In stock

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