In my work as an independent illustrator and business owner I have received a lot of e-mails with questions about running a business. I love helping people and I have been able to help inspiring people. I have built a brand and a company without any loans or funds from external parties. I am proud of that but it can be useful for others. If you ever wonder;”How did she do it?”then this is the sesh for you.

I have helped companies figure out their strategies and I have shown people where to find what they are looking for. Because of this I have been a part of new passions turned into businesses and taking small brands to the next step.

You can ask me anything. For example:

  • Your personal goals
  • How to get beyond a certain point
  • How to create a profitable product
  • Things to keep in mind when starting a business
  • Determining the next step for your product or brand
  • Tips for telling your brand’s story
  • How to make art commercially interesting
  • I can even check your website to see where you need improvement
  • How does retail work
  • How does it work to enter a market with a new product

You can read here why I decided to offer these sessions and some testimonials. I promise to do my utmost to help you by using my experience running a company since I started drawing in 2008 and decided to make my passion a new business.

For companies, up and running or in the making the price is 299,- euro per session of 1 hour.

If you’re not there yet and you’d like advise on whether you should start a company then it’s 149,- euro per hour.

  • There’s a 1 hour minimum. I am counting all the time I am spending on you and your case.
  • If the session takes 20 minutes, there’s still 30 minuten left to ask follow-up questions through e-mail. If you won’t use this they are not redeemable.
  • If we spend more than 1 hour talking, you will get a second invoice for the extra time.
  • You can e-mail me questions prior to the meeting so I know what you want to know and we get the most out of the time.
  • A personal meeting here in Eindhoven is the best option, but if you want I can help you through e-mail, skype or phone too.
  • I am not disclosing my contacts for production or their addresses in these meetings but I am willing to share them for a fee. Contact me for this via e-mail.

Click on the button to your right to book a session. I will contact you to set a date to talk over cake and tea what you plans are.