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Porcelain vase – Cedar Waxwings


In stock

This colourful vase doesn’t even need flowers.

  • Porcelain
  • Handmade in our atelier
  • 14cm high, 7cm wide at bottom
  • Dish washer safe

In stock

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Porcelain vase with Cedar Waxwing illustration by MYRTE. This delicate small vase might be small but it makes up for its size with beautiful colours and imagery.

  • This item is made to order. Delivery time: 3-6 weeks.
  • Porcelain
  • Handmade in our atelier
  • 14cm high, 7cm wide at bottom / 5.5 inch high, 2.75 inch wide at bottom
  • Hand decorated
  • Dish washer safe


The Cedar Waxwing is a funny bird. I met him when I was staring at a waterfall in Canada. Suddenly he was sitting on a branch next to me. They hear the sound of water and it draws them to it. I am sure he is enjoying the look of the water gushing into the river just as much as I am. They look pretty tough with that mask and the mohawk. But they are very social birds, living in large groups. They are able to pass berries over to each other and feed each other. Next to that they enjoy the fine things in life. They like their berries and are not very picky when it comes to quality. Sometimes they raid a tree with berries that are already fermenting. The berries make them drunk. For a while they just tumble over the ground and flap their wings with no effect. Until they are sobered up and then it is on to the next meal.

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