Myrte has an amazing job and now you can learn from her life as a creative entrepreneur. You can follow a workshop from the best creative aspects in her business. Myrte helps you to learn the tricks of the trade, and makes sure the inspiration flows freely so you can continue this flow you started at home.
Over the years Myrte has built up some experience in illustration and the implementation of surface design. In these workshops you can now learn what is involved in making the products of MYRTE. You can start an amazing spare time passion or if you dream bigger, more!

All workshops are held in Myrte’s atelier on Strijp-S in Eindhoven. You can easily reach us with public transport. Contact us for available dates or select your desired date below. You can have an exclusive session if you bring 5 friends in total. we’ll then book you a spot most convenient for you.

You see it everywhere; (repeat) patterns and motifs on clothing and all kinds of other products. MYRTE is actually built around surface pattern design. We’ll dive into this broad subject and reduce it to make something tangible on our own style. In this workshop we’ll focus on learning how to make an all-over design or repeat pattern. We’ll inspire you in all kinds of ways to make one in your style.

You will experience the design process of a repeat pattern. Elements will include:

  • Determining how to use which repetition to which design or product. we’ll explore the different techniques that are involved with pattern design on fabric
  • Trends and choice of colours
  • Styles (all over/placed/densely covered/geometric/realistic/soft/tiny/big)
  • In the sketching phase we’ll work with colour, looking for a nice combination to execute our idea in
  • Available materials are acrylics, markers, crayons, pastels, ink, coloured paper
  • Then we’ll manually transfer our design to a repeat pattern to understand the principle
  • You will receive a sheet with clear information on how you can continue creating a pattern on your computer at home
  • And you will receive all kinds of tips on where to find the people who can help you design new products with your design at home

If drawing isn’t your best developed talent I will prepare sheets with elements that you can use such as flowers, ladybugs, birds, fish etc to make a wonderful pattern. But the most you’ll need is your style, taste and creativity. With that you can make an amazing pattern!

Duration: 3 uur
Price: 50 euro inclusief materiaal
Minimum number of people: 5

Pick which day suits you best and we’ll get in touch with you. Or contact us for available dates; even better: gather 5 friends and let us know what date suits you.


  • If you have a group of 5 or more people that would like to take part; we can schedule a date especially for you
  • If you have a special occasion such as a babyshower or a themed birthday party, let us know and we’ll make it extra special!
  • All workshops are available in Dutch and English

Please note:

  • Workshops cannot be cancelled after 7 days after booking, but they can be rescheduled. However, if you workshop is in 7 days it cannot be cancelled at all. This is due to the arrangements we have to make and the materials we buy for you.
  • If you happen to be ill on the workshop date we’ll try to book you another day, but cannot guarantee this. If there’s less than 5 people on your booked day we can’t book you another day. You will get a 50% discount on the next booking.

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