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All illustrations by MYRTE are available as prints. Each illustration is a work of art and would work magic in a house in need of a personal touch. Or if you’re stuck with an empty frame and a love for the nuthatch, find your art here!We carry different materials to print on. The Fine Art prints are printed in our studio with museum quality archival inks on heavy fine art etching paper. We always use the best papers that don’t harm the environment. We print A3, A4 and A5 on etching paper and A1 on heavy poster paperPick any 4 prints and receive 10% off your prints!

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Myrte started drawing because of her love for birds and nature in general. All birds crossed her path one way or another and they have a story to tell. When talking to people, they usually initially deny knowing anything about birds, but then get a smile on their face when seeing a familiar one.

Whether it was the Flamingoes you saw on a holiday in the South of France or a blackbird baby in your backyard, they evoke that memory. Perhaps you have a memory of the robin that played with the mirror of your car, or the blue titmouse that always visit your feeding table in winter. You know more than you realise.

A space where the walls are decorated with framed prints looks so much more homely than with empty walls.  If you’re thinking of a mural with one of MYRTE’s illustrations do not hesitate to contact us. MYRTE would be more than happy to work with you to create a beautiful custom sized print for your home.

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