Season’s Tiles

Every season Myrte designs a set of tiles to celebrate that season and bring it into your home. It’s a tiny collection that brightens up a dull corner or wall in your house. It makes you look forward to the new season ahead. 

So you only need 3 nails in the wall and you can change the mood of that spot with the change of 3 tiles, each season. 

The whole year you can buy the sets, but the set of the current season is available at a discount. 

See which sets are available Join the club of people who make their home cozier with the change of just 3 tiles. 

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    3 Season’s Tiles – Spring

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    3 Season’s tiles – Autumn

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    3 Season’s tiles – Summer



Nature is coming to life again and the birds are finding their mates. Suddenly you hear them more too. A young blackbird is we want to see it at the end of spring. Nice and chubby, enjoying the sun. With that belong some feathers from mom and dad and who work hard throught the spring to create he blue-green blackbird eggs.


To me the swallows ARE summer. Their sound is so amazing. If you listen closely you can hear their beak snap when they catch a fly. Flowers and meadows full of bumblebees and clovers also embody that warm summer holiday feeling to me. You can feel that summer feeling with these tiles.


In autumn I enjoy looking at rowan bushes that are full of berries. This is such a lovely fall sight. I started there with the colour orange. As if fall isn’t already screaming orange. The robin is making his ticking sounds to defend his territory this time of year. I thought the dreamy looking fox matched nicely. I hope we see him strut across the dewy meadows in the fall.


For winter I wanted to use a  lovely watercolour setting covered in snow. But you’re going to have to be patient for the set to be available!

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