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Only unique, amazingly creative and colourful shops stock our products of course. Below you’ll find a list. Give them a call to ask for stock.

You can also pick up your order at our studio in Eindhoven. By appointment only. If you let us know you’re visiting, we’ll clean up 🙂
Torenallee 32
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Are you a shop owner of an inspiring store and interested in selling MYRTE’s items? Do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always on the lookout for a shop like yours! info@lovemyrte.com. See our latest retailer’s catalogue here.

Our greeting cards can be purchased exclusively via Zazous Editions in Paris. Please contact them contact@zazouseditions.com. (English and French) or e-mail us on info@lovemyrte.com.

Do you know a fab shop that would love our products? Forward our catalogue to them or e-mail us on info@lovemyrte.com.

The Netherlands

Zutphen – Feeling Goods

Deventer De Vrije Vogel Thuis in Huis

Leidein  – EDUARD 

Elburg – Juffertje Negen

Steenwijk – Het Stoffeerhuis

Ruinerwold – Wever en Co Wonen

Online – Bijzonder Mooi

Online – StudioDeWinkel

Online – De Kussenwinkel

‘s Graveland- Natuurmonumenten

Amsterdam – Firma Toele

Amsterdam – Het Faire Oosten

Doorn – Veldhuysen Bloemisten

Baarn –  Nijhof

Eersel – De Panberg

Gorssel – Thuis bij Kien

Oentsjerk – Anya’s Bloemwerk

Nijmegen – Bofligt

Woerden – Alles is Liefde


Paris – Home Autour Du Monde 


Helsinki Winkel shop

Kristiinankaupunki Vinkel


Fjällbacka – Tang


Wuppertal – Tisch und Bett

Berlin – Ararat


Luzern – Einzigwert


Gras – Samen Koller


PA- Honesdale – Milkweed 

MA- Brunswick – Nest

IL- Chicago – Mangel Florist at the Drake Hotel


Edmonton – Henry’s Interiors

Ottawa – Uproar Interiors