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The Fox

Start of something new! I saw a fox last week at night as I was driving home. She crossed the road in a very dark piece of the forest. I stopped to give her a good look and she looked back at me. I uttered a little scream because it was so beautiful. Now of course I have to draw her.

The Process

I planned on drawing her a mate too. I thought it’d be a great idea to have more diversity and ideas of fox wallpaper and a mug with a footprint popped into my head instantly. So here’s the sketch combined with the first filled areas. And of course the eyes! I always start with the eyes. This makes me feel like I can actually make a creature. If the eyes are not there I feel like it’s not going anywhere yet.

I researched the life of a fox and found how to tell a dog’s trail apart from a foxes trail. The footprint of a fox has a more oval shape where the footprint of a dog is rounder. The toes of a fox are placed in fron of the center of her foot, and with a dog the outer toes are placed to the side and the center really is the center of the foot. So if it looks a little like this, it’s a fox! And they’re tiny, lightweight and cute looking too!

Here you can see how I drew the fox.

So now that I have the lady and the gentleman finished, I can execute my other ideas: wallpaper and those porcelain mugs! Stay tuned for more on that through instagram   or our newsletter. Did you know that subscribers always get first dibs on new products and our sale?

Now go ahead and see all our fox themed items here.



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