The Hedgehogs

These super funny animals are the exception to the rule that all cute animals are cuddly. It’s fun to observe them in your garden. Rummaging about. It’s even a bigger honour to see them raise their babies. 

I drew them for these reasons; they are unusual animals that need our love. They’re not doing all that well and they need a place in our gardens. So leave the branches after pruning on a pile. Leave the leaves so they can find a place to sleep during winter and feed and hide during spring and summer. And make a hedgehog highway from your garden to the neighbours’ and help this weirdly wonderful animal. I’ve made all kinds of items with the hedgehogs. 

Show your love for the hedgehog in your home with these items. 

  • Hedgehog Art Print


Drawing the hedgehogs

When I am drawing an animal I often learn more about my subject. I was personally  surprised at how big they can become. You often see them at a distance and when they come close, they are quite big.



But of course they start small, and what is cuter than little baby hegdehogs discovering the world? Nothing, so they had to join the collection. I drew two babies for mom so you can have a family of happy hedgehogs.

For MYRTE I design colourful lifestyle products with nature illustrations for you, because you love nature just as much!

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