I have a friend, let’s call him Tim, because that’s his name. We work in the same building. De Apparatenfabriek in Eindhoven. For as long as I’ve known him he’s been nagging about me having to make monkey pillows for him. I draw birds and I draw flowers, and want to go forward drawing cute squirrels and such, but monkeys have never been a subject I liked to get into.

He nags about how cute the monkeys are. That he used to want to work in a zoo with monkeys and that he was sure drawing monkeys would make me rich. He co-owns a webdeveloping company and monkeys are not a part of his daily life unfortunately. This of course, he regrets often.

Last week he and his partner celebrated the founding of their company 5 years ago. And since I kind of forgot his birthday last January because I was off snowboarding, I wanted to make something extra special. I knew what I had to do.

I thought a plate for him to eat off every day would be much better for a businessman than a cushion. So I set out to draw him a monkey. First I had to find out which was his favourite. To find out I tried asking him covered questions such as:”Which is your favourite monkey?” and remembering the answer. A couple came up; the squirrel monkey and in particular its little hands, and the woolly monkey. They would have to be supercute because I am not drawing a big smelly ape of course.

I was pretty short on time as I was travelling to London for a tradeshow. In the afternoon the day before I left I started researching. The squirrelmonkey, however cute, mostly reminded me of monkeys people buy as pets. They then grow out to be these annoying frustrated animals that should have been left in the wild- but I digress. The woolly monkey had this Bob Ross haircut and thick fur. I was sold. I choose a baby monkey and in my drawing even enlarged the eyes to make it even more cuddly and cute.

wolaap peach_

I’ve applied the monkeyface to the plate by hand.

aapje (2)_

Here he is with the birds in the oven. No animals were hurt during this process.


When I gave Tim his wrapped present he joked that it was probably a monkey pillow. He was very happy when he saw the plates!

I have to admit that the wooly monkey is one cute cuddly sweetie.

If you think: ”Birds, I am done with them. Give me a monkey plate!” then e-mail me on info@lovemyrte.com and make Tim’s day.

wolaap bordje behang_

Here’s the baby monkey on the cornflower wallpaper.