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Watercolor materials

Watercolor is popular, you can see it everywhere.  It is very hot right now to created simplified shapes with this paint. So even if drawing is not your strongest talent, you can still create nice things. It is very therapeutic to mix the bright colors with a soft filament brush, and to work with the watery paint. You have to be patient, but you will soon achieve good results.

Myrte draws her birds on her computer, but first she starts with a sketch. And she does that through the old-fashioned way: PAINT!

As with other types of paint, you can choose from different paint brands for watercolor paints. You also have to make the choice between watercolor paint in pans or tubes.

Through this blog we want to help you to choose between all these materials. We want to be creative as soon as possible right?

Let’s start!

Watercolor Pans

Pans are dry cubes that contain pigment. By wetting the pans, the paint gets dissolved. This allows you to watercolor. Pans often have a more powerful pigment than tubes of paint.

If you would like to paint outside, most people prefer pans. It is easier to carry than tubes.

Myrte’s first purchases for a watercolor pans was this Winsor & Newton palette. She has since then always been faithful to the product.

At her watercolor workshop you also get this palette. It is a good watercolor pans palette to start with. We also recommend you to buy watercolor products that are of good quality. Makes it easier to work with.

Watercolor Tubes

Watercolor tubes actually speak for themselves. You can find liquid watercolor paint in the tubes. If you use tubes, then you have the advantage that you can easily make a larger quantity of one colour in a tray. You do not have this advantage with pans.

*Watercolor tubes and pans can be used interchangeably in a drawing.

Myrte likes to use the watercolor tubes of the brand ‘Van Gogh’. It is what we already said. Good quality is key.


You already get some colors in the pallets that you purchased. But it is not necessarily to buy all the colors. You can also mix colors together. Red, blue and yellow are essential. Black is also useful. White is not bought quickly, because you can use the white of the paper.

Watercolor Paper

You have watercolor paper in different shapes and sizes. It is important that you buy watercolor paper that is of good quality. Watercolor paper of bad quality does not absorb water and paint well, and that is a waste.

Watercolor paper is different from normal hobby paper, because the paper is thicker (actually kind of cardboard). You also see a texture in watercolor paper. If you are going to watercolor, and you use water and paint, they must be properly absorbed + it should not bubble.

Myrte likes to use the ‘Van Beek’ watercolor block 24×30 cm.


With watercolor paint you’ll need soft brushes. So no brushes that consist of bristles, that is too rough for the paper and you want the paint with water to get smoothly on the paper. A brush with bristles absorbs a lot of paint and holds it, which is more convenient for acrylic paint than watercolor.

Never leave your brushes in a jar of water for a long time. This way the brushes are going to bend. And that is not good! It is better to clean the brushes with lukewarm water (push the paint to the tip of the brush while you keep it underwater, repeat until you no longer see any paint), and reshape the shape of the brushes with your hand. Let the brushes dry in the room. If you store your brushes in a jar, always put the hair side up of course.

If you’re starting, you actually only need 2 brushes. One medium brush (for example: number 8 brush from Da Vinci) and a thinner brush for any details (for example: number 2 brush from Da Vinci).

Myrte likes to use the brushes of Da Vinci, the quality is good and the brushes are soft. But there are a lot of other brands out there. Ask your art supplies store!

Hopefully you can now choose between all those watercolor materials, and you can quickly get started.

Until next time!

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