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Write it down

We love notebooks. Scribbling down your thoughts in these luxurious journals makes all your writings look even better. We know of our notebooks that became the PA of an event manager, a journal that became a person’s confidant who was going through a transformation in her life, and a woman walking through the USA. We adore the stories behind the people buying our notebook as this is a very personal item.

This notebook will stay with you for 320 pages. All pages are lined and there is a space to date your pages, so it can easily be used as a diary as well.

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The inner pages have a beautiful decor and a name label.
With its 500 grams and 2.2cm thickness it is impressive and sturdy but the fabric cover makes it simply gorgeous as well.
The fabric is printed with MYRTE’s illustrations. It look a long time for MYRTE to find someone who could make this journal with FSC certified paper. As always it was worth it.
Writing your thoughts and trusting it to the paper is a lovely thing to do for your soul, whether you’re a successful business woman, a worrier or a dreamer.

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