Do you have a shop that could use some nature and cheerfulness? Part of our collection is available for retailers through us directly and part is available through CJ Wildlife Trade. 

We also stock a selected collection on Faire

Contact us if you are interested to buy our collection for your shop: info@lovemyrte.com and we’ll explain everything to you. 

Buying through Faire

Tiles, Porcelain plates, Wall stickers and Art Prints

You can order part of our collection on Faire! A selected collection is now available. Buying on Faire ensures free returns and a net payment term of 60 days.

CJ Wild life trade

Mugs, Greeting cards and Feeders

Together with CJ Wildlife Trade I developed lovely products that are available for wholesale. To order our mugs, greeting cards and feeders for your shop, please contact sales@cjwildlifetrade.com.

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