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Nice to see you on! Here you find loads of nature inspired products with my illustrations.

For MYRTE I draw birds and create products that I hope make you smile. It is my ode to nature. Because of this I made the decision to use organic cotton and try to work as environmentally friendly as possible. I hope that through MYRTE I can share my love for nature with other people who admire the creatures that surround us.

We ship as quickly as we can! Shipments are done almost daily.
If you are in a rush, let us know.


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Porcelain plates

MYRTE debuts porcelain wall plates! The mixed media illustration feature her bird illustrations combined with watercolour in bright colours.

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  • ijsvogel 25cm aardewerk_
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  • blauwe gaai 25cm aardewerk_
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  • winterkoning19cm aardewerk_
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  • kievit 19cm aardewerk_
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  • silk ijsvogel 50x50
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  • silk winterkoning 50x50
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  • silk artisjok 50x50
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  • silk anemones light50x50
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Pillows in silk

Reserved only for the finest interiors. These delicate handmade silk pillows are true gems.

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