Terms and Conditions

All products have been made with love and attention. Copyright on the designs and art-work is at all times retained by Myrte de Zeeuw.

Delivery time

Items are shipped from the Netherlands. Normally we cannot guarantee a delivery date due to possible delay by carriers or customs. Contact us if you need up to date information or have a certain deadline. If you’re in a hurry consider our gift certificates. Usually the parcels arrive within 1 week across Europe, and 2-3 weeks overseas. However we can arrange express delivery. For the extra cost of express delivery please contact us. Shipping fees may vary according to total weight and size of the shipment. All items will be carefully packaged and shipped to prevent damage. 

Orders with items that are not yet ready to ship

Sometimes an article is a preoder or is made to order. This is indicated in the text. The order is always delivered in 1 shipment, so the items that may already be in stock are not sent separately. The items in stock are reserved for you and shipped at the same time when everything is ready for shipment. If you want to receive the order in 2 parts, you can do so on payment of additional shipping costs.

The right colour

Please take note that the color on your screen can look a little different than the real product. We do our best to make things look as true to life as possible, but colours look different on each screen. To be 100% sure about a colour consider stopping by our atelier and see the whole collection! If the colour you picked is not as expected contact us.

Returns & refunds policy

All products have been made with love and attention, and returns are rare. If nonetheless you aren’t pleased with the product, please contact us within 30 days of receipt and the product can be returned. Damaged items should be reported within 7 days after receipt. Custom items such as personalised items, items adjusted to your wishes, dresses made to order, wall paper in custom sizes or colours etc cannot be returned, unless the personalisation has spelling errors, or the colour of the product is totally different to what can be expected. But we can never guarantee that a colour is 100% as it looks on screen or as you requested. 

You’ll find the sizes of out items in centimeters on our website. For garments we mention the garment measurements and/or the size the item would be in a shop of Netherlands standards. You can compare your own sizes with the sizes mentioned. If you are still unsure, e-mail us and let us know your sizes. We’ll try to answer your questions. 

Sale items usually cannot be returned but there are exceptions. Contact us and we’ll let you know. Our contact details are on the bottom of this page. We typically respond within a day. We can arrange what you would like to do: swap it for another product, or receive a refund. Refunds and returns are usually made within a week after notification. Let us know if you’re in a rush.

If you have changed your mind on ordering a product, let us know as quickly as you can. When the order is not shipped yet, we will refund the entire order including delivery costs. Delivery costs will not be refunded if the order is already on its way to you. You should see the shipping costs as costs made in order for you to stay at home. Although we arrange it for you, it is not a service that is part of the product. In certain circumstances free shipping is granted  and you can see upon ordering if your order qualifies for it. When your order qualified for free shipping, but you want to return an item, and the total amount (excluding the item you want to return) of purchased items is below the free shipping threshold, you get the amount of the returned item(s) minus the shipping amount refunded.

If the product was broken upon arrival please contact us immediately by sending us a photo so we can send you a replacement product or refund if you prefer. Sometimes we might request the product back so we can repair it. Then we will refund you those shipping costs.

When returning an item, make sure you pack the item carefully, so it arrives in one piece. Items that are not protected in the same way they were received (with plastic protection and sturdy envelope) are not accepted. Shipping costs made to return an item are not refunded. If you want to swap a cushion cover for another, but want to keep the insert, then ship without the insert. This saves you shipping costs.  The shipping of the new item is carried by us. We reserve the right to decline sending a new item and will then refund the product after we’ve received the returned product.

Further terms & the small print

Although it has never been necessary, these terms and conditions were put together to prevent any problems and for the customer’s protection. By making a purchase in this shop, you agree with these terms and conditions. They are based on Dutch law, and are valid for any purchase made from MYRTE, unless specifically stated otherwise and agreed upon. In case of such an agreement, it doesn’t mean that new purchases are automatically delivered under the different terms. If you want to receive a copy of these terms and conditions, please contact us.

Our legal identity: MYRTE based in Eindhoven, Torenallee 32, 5617 BD, telephone +31 (0)6 41276557

Chamber of commerce number: 17185683

When you make a purchase at MYRTE you have to guarantee you are authorized to do so and you are responsible for the information you supply. We remain the right to inform the police if the information you provide us with is incorrect and suggests illegal activities. If the information provided was incorrect, all rights of the customer are waivered. The customer is responsible that the correct address is provided, if the address is not correct and the parcel needs to be resend or gets lost, the customer is responsible for the extra costs and damages.

Your information will be saved for the single purpose of processing your order and will never be sold to other parties. Your e-mail address might be used to inform you about special offers of our shop. If will always be possible to have your address removed from this mailinglist. If at any time any of these terms are declared invalid, the other terms will still be valid. At any time, these terms may be altered by MYRTE.

In case of a limited time offer, this limited time will be specified in the offer. The offer contains a clear description of the offered product or service. The photos used in the offer are always carefully made so there is no misunderstanding about what the offer entails. Price, shipping price, approximate leadtime or delivery date are clearly stated. If the item cannot be returned it is also clearly mentioned. But obvious mistakes in any area do not oblige MYRTE to comply.

Taxes: For Dutch visitors the tax is included. For foreign customers, it might be added by the carrier. Please ask for your state or country’s tax laws at the designated authorities. MYRTE is not responsible for them. If the taxes are raised, MYRTE is not responsible for the extra costs.

When there are reasons for MYRTE to refuse a transaction, the customer will be informed. MYRTE remains the right to refuse any transaction. If items are prone to price change, this will be specifically mentioned in the offer. A rise of prices can be made due to a rise in materials or inflation. If a purchase has been made but not yet been delivered MYRTE must deliver the item for the agreed price. If MYRTE cannot do this because of a rise of material costs of more than 15%, the transaction may be cancelled. If the delay in delivery is caused by the customer, MYRTE remains the right to charge the extra.

If you buy an item for a special price or offer, future similar items may have a different price. All items offered can be expected to be reasonably durable and last for a acceptable period of time. If the item does not respond as expected, the customer can contact MYRTE to figure a solution to the problem. If an item is not shipped within 30 days (unless a longer period of time is agreed upon or mentioned in the offer) the customer will be informed and given the opportunity to cancel the transaction. Usually items are shipped within 5 days unless with handmade items , items that are made to order or preorder items.

If there is a delay in delivery caused by a carrier or customs or a party beyond MYRTE’s control, this is not MYRTE’s responsibility. If MYRTE cannot fulfill an order, or cannot deliver an item, the customer will be informed and given an alternative or the possibility to cancel the order. Usually MYRTE will consult the customer in advance when an item cannot be delivered, instead of sending an alternative item on MYRTE’s own initiative. If a customer cannot be reached within a reasonable time, MYRTE may go ahead and send a reasonable alternative to not disappoint the customer. If this item is not what the customer wished for it may be returned, but the shipping costs will not be refunded. If there hasn’t been a delivery in this order, the costs of the transaction will be returned to the customer as soon as possible and at least within 30 days of cancellation. The customer can demand a deadline, but only upon agreement of MYRTE, this will commit MYRTE to this deadline.

When the items are shipped and offered to the customer, the customer is obliged to accept them. From that moment, the customer is responsible for the items. Items have to be paid for in advance. Or if agreed otherwise: within 14 days after delivery. Under certain circumstances a down payment may be requested. If the customer doesn’t pay within this period, MYRTE remains the right to charge the customer interest and other possible costs that occur due to the delayed payment.

Gift certificates can be purchased in advance. This is a personal non-transferrable coupon code for single use. Other terms and conditions are printed on the gift certificate or in the product offer.

The customer may return an item within 7 working days without specifying a particular reason. If the product has not been shipped, the customer will be refunded the shipping costs as well as the amount of the product. If the product has been shipped, the customer will only be refunded the amount of the product.

The item should be returned in new, unused, pristine condition. (I.e. in plastic, in a sturdy envelope or box, whatever it was sent in from MYRTE) If this is not the case, the costs will not be refunded. The customer may then be given the opportunity to pay shipping to have the product resent to them.

A complaint about an item must be submitted within 7 working days after receiving an item. MYRTE may ask for photos and further explanation. MYRTE will reply to a complaint within 14 days from the complaint. If an answer cannot be provided at that time, MYRTE will indicate how long a time is needed to investigate a complaint. The maximum amount of money that can be refunded is never more than the product’s value at the time of purchase.

If the damage of the product or environment of the product is due to wrong use, bad judgment or misuse of the product, MYRTE is not responsible or liable for anything. If an item is received damaged, the customer will provide a photo within 3 days of receiving the item. MYRTE can decide to refund, repair or replace the item. Certain services such as special design, art by assignment, or longer running projects cannot be cancelled or returned. This goes for items that are specifically made to the customer’s wishes and demands, that are of a personal nature such as birth announcements and prints by assignment. Digital items such as embroidery patterns and patterns are not returnable either. Items that cannot be sold to another customer cannot be returned either. Services provided such as design and sketchwork cannot be returned. Services that are made with an hourly rate are non refundable. In these cases MYRTE will keep the customer informed on the consequences of the costs regularly, so the customer has the possibility to keep an eye on the costs and outcome of the project. 

MYRTE excludes hereby any responsibility or liability for any damage , that may or may not come forth in any way directly or indirectly from the use of this shop or that information is incorrect, incomplete or not current. MYRTE’s products are not suitable for children. 

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