Do you want me to draw for you?

Normally I walk my own path through nature. I discover species that are new to me. I dive into their world and I am touched by it, just like you. I then start drawing. For instance the Great Tit, I met him in my mom’s backyard as he was relieving her oak from a caterpillar problem. And then there’s the Blackbird that regularly visited me literally in my home. Those encounters mean so much. I know you feel the same.

So I know how important a bird or creature can be to you. And I’d love to draw one for you. The stories I hear from people are amazing. People are connected to nature in the most amazing ways. So I’d love to make a special item with your favourite bird if I haven’t already drawn it. (if I’ve already drawn it but it needs to be an a different item let me know, that’s probably possible)


If you’d like me to draw a creature of your chosing that is not yet in my portfolio, there’s something to keep in mind. My style is very detailed. I use loads of colours and loads of time to add all the details. If I would draw a bird especially for you, you’d have to pay for the job I do. With my normal work, I get to make more pieces of one design, so my hours are devided over the items. If I’d draw for you, you’d be the only one who’d have to pay for my hours.

This is truly a work of art. You are assigning an artist a consigned work. Art is precious and not for everyone.

The costs of a drawing can range from €300,- for a simple bird to over €1000,- for large works of art. I work with heart and soul and many many details.

Truly an Exclusive

If you’re an art fan and you’d like to have an exclusive, there’s another thing to consider. With a normal drawing I will be the owner of the image and I can multiply it and produce items with the image. If you want it to be for you only, you can buy the copyright for the drawing so no one will have it in their home. It is truly only for you, or for that special someone you are gifting it to. There’s a different price for that of course. Contact me if you are interested in either options.

Let Me Explain How I Work

I  draw as any other artist, but pencil and paper are replaced with wacom tablet and a pen which are connected to my computer.  On my screen I see what I draw. Feather by feather I colour the digitally sketched birds.  Each drawing contains thousands of strokes. For the four long-tailed titmouse I made 45.000 and it took me 3 weeks. In this video you can see how I made the treecreeper.

So everything starts with a sketch and gets filled in stroke by stroke. The production of the item will follow after that. Let me know if this is what you’d like me to do for you!



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