How we make our tiles

We decorate our tiles especially for you! 

To show you how we work and why it can take 3 to 6 weeks before we can ship the item to you, we’ve put together this information. 

By choosing a handmade item from a small business like us, you support uniqueness, fair wages and a sustainable economy. 

Firstly we collect orders. We must have a full kiln to fire. 

The kiln is so hot, that a half full kiln will damage the kiln itself.  Those are big and powerful things!  If you are the first in a new batch you wait the maximum time, if you close the batch you can sometimes receive your order in 2-3 weeks. When we have enough orders, we order the materials and schedule time with our ceramist.  Then we’re going to order the drawings and materials in the colours and illustrations that were ordered by you. All products come from local companies. The inks are special ceramic inks that last. They melt with the glaze of the plate or tile. That’s why you can clean them just as regular tiles and plates. The plates can be put in the dishwasher and the tiles you can install on a wall to enjoy for many many years. 

Then it’s time to decorate the tiles. When all materials have been received, we go to work in our studio and decorate the tiles by hand. This is a precise job that has to be done calmly. We have to leave them to dry well. We check the items one by one for imperfections after they’ve dried. This process it the most crucial to do with love and atttention. 

Finally we can start firing. We had reserved kiln space and the ceramist is firing the batch for us a few kilometers from our studio.

 We usually walk from our studio to hers. We love local! In the end, the firing will take a few days because the oven has to heat up and cool down very gently. Otherwise, something might break. Cooling is very important! 

When the tiles have come out nicely, they are ready to be sent. Unfortunately they are not always perfect and we have to redo your order. But if something broke in the oven with your order, you’ll hear about it and we’ll make it right as soon as possible. There are so many factors to take into account before the tile arrives at your house. With a handmade item this can happen unfortunately.  

But when the firing has been successful you will receive an email from us and a link from our shipping company that your order is completed and ready. It is on its way! 

We hope that your tiles now even have more meaning than they already have for you. We hope they stay with you all your life to make you smile each time you see them, 




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