Installing our tiles

Our tiles are perfectly suitable for use on walls in your home.  The authentic look and subjects of nature suit well in bathrooms, kitchens and behind stoves. They suit very well in interiors with a rustic country feel. But it is also the trend in modern interiors to have tiled walls. 

The actual installing is no different than any other tile. 


Of course you’ll need plain tiles. We can give you the name of a tile shop that supplies the exact same tile by box or m2. With us you buy the decorated tile and with them you buy the plain white tiles that surround the decorated tiles. Keep in mind that us and them might have different terms at which you buy them. E-mail us at for all the information and your order of the decorated tiles. 

Unfortunately we don’t decorate on tiles that you supply. And we can only decorate on white tiles as the ceramic inks need the white background to make the colours pop. But you can alternate with a different colour of plain tiles.  

They can be installed just like any other tile. The tiles are irregularly shaped in the hand made process. This gives them that lovely rustic feel. It is actually much more forgiving when installing them. Use normal equipment and work as you would with any other tile.

Making your design.

Our tiles are 13x13cm. Lay out the wall with tiles. With back splashes and small projects you can do this easier than with large areas. If the wall is too big to lay out. Use square grid paper with squares of about 1x1cm and draw in your wall on scale. 

Some tips when designing your wall:

-It’s nice if the decorated tiles are spread across the wall without a clear pattern or repetition. In the example of the sparrows you see that almost each of the birds has its own ‘line’. 

-Place them organically, with irregular spaces inbetween, but at least one tile space inbetween each decorated tile. 

-If the tiles go from floor to wall, keep the decorated tiles as much on eye level as possible.

-Traditionally you keep only a small space for grout between the tiles. (Especially with a whole display you don’t want it to have too much distance between tiles.) So keep this in mind with ordering the right amount of tiles for your wall.  

-As a grout colour chose a light grey or off-white if you want to honour the authentic look. 

For more elaborate designs that span over multiple tiles such as the goldfinch above and the chickadees on the right, please contact us for the possibilities. We can do custom work.

If you have questions, do let us know on

Good luck! 



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