Clothing by MYRTE


Fashion should be fun

At least that is what we think. Dress differently than everyone else. Currently we are working on a collection dresses, tops and skirts with our trademark use of colour and illustrations that will do that.

Our collection of unique dresses, tops and skirts will help you standing from the crowd, and as an added bonus; make the people around you smile. We design clothing for a lifetime. Our philisophy is that we dont’make things you’ll only like for a season. We want to make things that define YOU. That you will love for many years to come.

We don’t use polyesters, only comfortable fabrics. We always care about how our items are made. The same goes for our clothing.
The items here are handmade locally. All items are made in limited edition. Come back soon to see what we mean or signup for our newsletter and hear the latest!

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