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Here we answer questions about our Wall Stickers and further below the Window Stickers. They each are made from a different material and have different properties. 

Questions about the Wall Stickers

How to apply the Wall Stickers

You can just peel them off, stick them to the surface and press well! But for perfection you can follow these expert tips!  The stickers often have very delicate parts such as the little feet or stems of the flowers. This method ensures the least chance of tearing them. 

 Remove the unprinted white area of the sticker around all images. It makes the removal of the actual sticker easier. You can take your time this way. A large area of backing material is ready to stick the sticker back on when you’re in need of it. It’s important to touch the back as little as possible so easy removal is preferred. 

Cut out the shape. This way you can first arrange where you want it to be. Hold the image in place, or temporarily stick it to the wall with tape so you know the best spot to place them. Then, when you’ve determinted the right angle, peel down a part of the backing and fold it over. Stick the open part to the wall. 

Pull back more and more of the backing and systematically press the sticker to ensure there are no air bubbles. Then it’s in place. Important is that you press well in the first few hours. This is when the adhesive is fixing on it’s surface. Do this a couple of times and you’ll enjoy the sticker for a long long time!

To enjoy the wall stickers for the longest time keep a few things in mind: 

The ideal surface is smooth, dry, clean, has no holes or grainy structure that can come off and no greasy or dusty top layer. So clean it and dry it well. Make sure that there’s no air underneath them. For coarse stucco walls, use a hairdryer to smooth the sticker over the texture of the wall; read below.

To make them stick for a long time keep on pressing them the first few hours, especially around the edges. 

So how well do they stick?

We can assure you that they stick well! We’ve designed them to stay put for a long time. We chose a permanent outdoor quality, the best there is to make sure they do not come off quickly and therefore be durable. And if they do come off because the background is either too coarse or repellent; use a hairdryer to soften the sticker slightly and press the sticker firmly with a clean cloth. Doing this when applying is better of course. 

Can they stick on plaster or glass fibre wall paper?

Yes they can, but it depends on the type of plaster. Generally big differences in height are a bad idea, but you can smooth the sticker over the texture by using a hairdryer and softening the sticker slightly. They need a good contact surface to stick to. And holes around the edges let in dust and perhaps moist so then the sticker can come off. Plaster should also not have grains that come off, so painted plaster is best. But it’s definitely possible.  Here you see that with differences in grain or texture it is possible. They are the best quality sticker, so if any sticker can do it, it’s this one! 

Are they suitable for all background colours?

Yes they are. We chose a solid material to make sure the colours pop and they do on all backgrounds colours. No other colours will seep through. Also, the stickers don’t have white edges so look as realistic as possible on all background colours. 

Do they stick on window panes?

Yes very well, as it’s very smooth. But they’re intended as brightly coloured wall stickers so they are only printed on one side. The back of the sticker is white. 

If you want to have a sticker that have an image on both sides, please see the question below: 


Do you want stickers that have an image on both sides?

If you want double-sided stickers that show an image on both sides; click here. Our window stickers are especially designed to be visible on both sides. 

I designed them to prevent birds from flying into the window. To achieve this, the sticker should be placed on the outside. Clean well before applying. And make sure you follow the instructions. See below for a FAQ about the Window Stickers. Of course, if birds never fly into your windows you can also stick them on the inside. 


Can you use them in bathroom and kitchen tiles?

Yes you can. When the surface of the tiles is smooth, clean and dry, it is perfect for it. The grout between the tiles might be a place where moist can get underneath, so be aware of that. And make sure that the surface is also free of soap scum and limescale. 

For the kitchen it is very important that you remove grease thoroughly. 

Can you use them outside?

Yes. We know of many customers who use them on garbage containers, windows and even camper vans outside. They are the best quality inks, but keep in mind, UV light is so strong. So in the long run you will enjoy the decals longer indoors. But you can use them outside as long as they have a flat smooth surface. Outside it is more damp, more moist that can fill in tiny cracks between the underground and the sticker, so it will lose strength or sticking power. So in short; yes you can under certain circumstances but they lasts longer indoors. 

Can you remove and replace them?

So we thought that the most important thing of a wall sticker should be that it sticks very well. This could mean that the wall sticker sticks to wallpaper and paint and will take some of the paint or top layer of the surface with it when removing. This usually won’t happen with solid undergrounds of good quality material. But to make sure the sticker comes off easily you can use a hairdryer to soften the material and the glue. There really is no way of saying for sure what the quality is of your wall. It’s a matter of testing.  We’ve heard of many customers who have removed them and placed them on a different spot, even without special tools. But if they stick well, you might tear them when you remove them. Using a blow dryer helps in removing them smoothly too. So in short, it is possible, but there are so many different types of surfaces, it’s impossible for us to say in advance. 

If you have more questions, contact us on

Can you clean them?

If applied correctly on a grease-free, dust-free and clean smooth surface there isn’t much the stickers can’t take. It’s a sturdy vinyl that has great sticking power. But if there is a more coarse or textured wall, then we don’t recommend cleaning them with liquids that can seep through the cracks in the wall and affect the sticking power. If you just dust them off regularly then,  that is no problem of course! It’s just common sense: water and stickers don’t like each other. If there’s no way the water can get in between then the sticker will stay put for many years to come. 

What are the exact measurements per wall sticker?

Some of you have very specific plans with our stickers. Click here and download this file with exact measurements and see if they fit!

Questions about the Window Stickers

Every year hundreds of thousands birds fly into windows, often with death as a result. This happens because the reflection of the sky in the window is perceived as the actual sky. These double-sided window stickers lift the reflection so birds see that there’s a window there. BirdLife International recommends that stickers are placed 15 centimeters apart on windows, but we’ve seen good results from wider areas. What the best is for your window may need some testing. The greater the surface area you can cover, the more effective your deterrent will be. 


These are completely new and unique in -dare-I-say- the world! Stick this decal on the outside of the window so it no longer reflects the sky and birds see there’s something there. And they look amazing too!

How to Apply the Window Stickers

Clean the surface very well so it’s free of grease, dust and dirt. Roughly cut out the sticker. Remove the sticking part around the sticker very carefully with a sharp knife. Some areas might need a little help of the knife to come loose. 

Fold over the top half of the back. This ensures you can still move the sticker around and place it on the best spot. Place the top half of the sticker on its place. Use a bank card to push the sticker against the window and work your way down.

So how well do they stick?

The ideal surface is smooth, dry, clean, has no holes and no greasy or dusty top layer. So clean it and dry it well. Make sure that there’s no air underneath the stickers.

Can they be used inside?

They are made for the outside but of course they can be used inside too. This will not  block the reflection for the birds! So only do this if you never have birds flying into your windows. If you stick them on the inside it will not work as a warning for birds. 

Do they withstand the sun and the cold?

They are made from a material that is used by the sign industry and are guaranteed UV resistant for 2 years. For regular Western European weather they are durable. However we can’t tell how resistant they are to more extreme weather conditions. 


If you have more questions; do let us know!  

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