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Realistic wall decal of the Tawny Owl by MYRTE. Make your house happier with our stickers and surround yourself with nature.

  • 2x 21x29cm (± A4) sheets with 2 stickers that make a 35,5cm x 28,5cm Tawny Owl
  • Sticks on the wall or any clean surface. Very firm adhesive strength. See ‘description’ below to see how to apply and our FAQ about the stickers.
  • Printed in The Netherlands
  • Opaque matte sticker, suitable for all background colours.
  • Life-sized for that wildlife encounter experience
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Frequently asked questions – Wall stickers

So how well do they stick?

...We can assure you that they stick well! We’ve designed them to stay put for a long time. We chose a permanent outdoor quality, the best there is to make sure they do not come off quickly and therefore be durable. Read more about it & see photos here.

Can they stick on plaster or glass fibre wall paper?​

Yes they can, but it depends on some factors. Use a hairdryer when applying the sticker. Read more about it & see photos here.

Are they suitable for all background colours?

Yes they are. We chose a solid material to make sure the colours pop and they do on all backgrounds colours. Also, the stickers don’t have white edges so look as realistic as possible on all background colours. Read more about it & see photos here.

Do they stick on window panes?

Yes very well, as it’s very smooth. But they’re intended as brightly coloured wall stickers so they are only printed on one side. Read more about it & see photos here.

Can you use them in bathroom and kitchen tiles?

Yes you can. When the surface of the tiles is smooth, clean and dry, it is perfect for it. There are some factors to take into account. Read more about it here.

Can you use them outside?​

Yes. We know of many customers who use them on garbage containers, windows and even camper vans outside. They are the best quality inks. Read more about it & see photos here.

Can you remove and replace them?

So we think that the most important thing of a wall sticker should be that it sticks very well. Some of our customers have removed them and replaced them. Use a hairdryer to soften the material. There are some other factors to take into account. Read more about it here.

How to apply them

You can simply peel them off, stick them to a clean surface and press well! But for perfection you can follow these expert tips you can read here! To enjoy the wall stickers for the longest time keep a few things in mind: The ideal surface is smooth, dry, clean, has no big holes or grainy structure that can come off and no greasy or dusty top layer. Stucco needs to be really well set. So clean it, dust it and dry it well. Make sure that there’s no air underneath them. To make them stick for a long time keep on pressing them the first few hours, especially around the edges. For coarse surfaces you can use a hairdryer to soften the material and with a clean cloth press the sticker over the texture of the wall. Read more about it & see photos here.
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